Measure against landslide in Osmaniye South ring road

Measure against landslide in Osmaniye South ring road: In OSMANİYE, South Aegean Road which is in danger of collapse due to landslide has been prevented and repair works have started. Water and floods that occurred after rainfall about 15 days ago caused many homes and workplaces to be damaged, while in some roads collapses occurred.
The Karaçay creek bed was passing along the South Ring Road. Due to the landslide about 5 meters high, the feet of the iron barriers on the right side of the road became suspended in the air due to collapses. Road crews pouring land on the road by marking the transportation is provided by a single lane, while the State Water Works work machines in the creek bed started work.
Citizens in the surrounding area, a few years ago, the collapse of the same area occurred, large rock fragments in the stream bed by taking measures, said the ring road was opened.
Stating that the transportation is provided in a single lane, drivers stated that they were passing through the road in fear and wanted to complete the works in the landslide area in a short time.

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