Army wants the railway

The army wants the railway: the Army Commodity Exchange has summed up the Army's primary 3 issue as the port, rail and nut law.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) 81 asked to report which will be summarized in several main title of the province's problems. TOBB, like other cities, sent a message to the Army Commodity Exchange, the Army's problems in a few main headlines in a report stating they wanted to be delivered to them.

Army Commodity Exchange President Ziver Kahraman in the report prepared to be presented to President Erdogan, the Army's current problems before the main summit, summarized 3. In the report that deals with the structural problems experienced in ports, railways and hazelnuts, the following opinions were given:
- yok The Army has no port. One of the most important factors guiding trade and industry is the transportation. The fast, safe and inexpensive transportation of raw materials, finished or semi-finished goods and services is the direction of the commercial and industrial activities. Today, it is a fact that all kinds of goods are transported to the farthest points and all kinds of goods in large parties and low costs. has.

The Army has a very long coastline. There are many suitable areas for this port. The fact that there is no port on the coast and the sea has an effect on the development of trade and industry.

We demand that the large infrastructure investments such as the Black Sea Coast Road, Ünye Ring Road and the ongoing Black Sea-Mediterranean road, the Ring Road and Ordu-Giresun Airport are crowned with the port. Tamamen


Ir In recent years, the Army has been receiving significant investments in the transportation network. These investments are continuing through the Black Sea Coastal Road, Airport, Ring Road and Black Sea-Mediterranean. Our neighbor in the west until Samsun and our neighbors to the south Tokat and Sivas until the railroad is not in the Army. Railway, goods and people can be transported the safest and cheapest transportation channel. ”When high-speed trains are being talked about today and opening routes quickly for these trains, it is time to bring the railway to the Army. Bugün

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