No bridges locked out of Istanbul

There are no exits from Istanbul, the bridges are locked: Exits from Istanbul began early in the day before the Eid al-Adha holiday. Traffic density showed itself early at many critical points… Drivers who set out to spend the Kurban Bayram in their hometown on the Düzce section of the Tem highway cause the density. As the drivers set off after the overtime, the vehicle density in the direction of Ankara in the direction of the highway has increased between the Kayşlı, Sarıçökek, Bakacak, 1st, 2nd and 3rd viaducts and Bolu Mountain Tunnel.
Police and Highways teams on the highway, the ring along the route to the drivers, excessive speed, close monitoring, safety belt warns about. Density is expected to continue in the coming hours and by increasing tomorrow.
On the other hand, long vehicle queues began to emerge on the city exit roads, especially on bridge traffic in Istanbul. Long vehicle lines were formed in both the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in the direction of the Euro-Anatolian side.


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