Iran's new railway to accelerate trade with CIS and Russia

The new railway in Iran will accelerate trade with the CIS and Russia: the Iranian 20 will be inaugurated the Gorgan-Ince Burun railway day after day.

With the opening of the new international transportation route, transport time from Russia and CIS countries to the Persian Gulf will be significantly shortened and interregional trade volume will increase.

According to ITAR-TASS, Mohsinpur Agaei, director of the Iranian State Railways Administration, announced that the capacity of the new railway will be at least 8 million tons per year. If the volume of trade is increased further, it is planned that the railway will be electrified from the ground up so that the electric locomotives can be used electrically.

The length of the railway passing through Iran is only 82 kilometers, but its importance and economic feature is that it is a part of the intercontinental railway called, North-South İran. The 700 kilometer of the iyor North-South de railroad passes through Turkmenistan and the 120 kilometer passes through Kazakhstan.

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