National Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy Document and Action Plan

National Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy Document and Action Plan: Public transport fleets to develop a national e payment system can be used in all means of transport across the country, the infrastructure will be established for the public transport stops in the central districts of all metropolitan produced in Turkey the necessary software and hardware to make smart elderly, children and will be organized in a way to provide more effective and safe services to disabled people.

Within the scope of the National Intelligent Transportation Systems (AUS) Action Plan, public transport stops in the central districts of all metropolitan cities will be made smart.

The decision of the High Planning Council regarding the acceptance of the National AUS Strategy Document (2014-2023) and its Action Plan (2014-2016), prepared by the opinions of all relevant institutions and organizations and the social partners, was published in the Official Gazette today.

Accordingly, the administrative and technical legislation for planning and integration throughout the country with the AUS will be developed according to national and international requirements. In this context, an AUS architecture will be created at national level.

In addition to organizational arrangements, legislative arrangements will be made for a global AUS sector. Domestic production will be promoted on the basis of software and hardware used within the scope of AUS, and studies will be carried out to open the information and transmission technologies sector to the foreign market in AUS field.

Traffic safety and mobility will be enhanced by expanding AUS applications across the country. Traffic management in urban and intercity highway network will be made efficient and efficient with AUS. E-payment systems will be expanded in transportation, AUS applications will be increased in public transportation and passenger information activities will be developed and accident and emergency applications will be developed.

Environmentally friendly applications will be developed

Access to transportation vehicles and services will be facilitated by AUS. The public transport fleets will be arranged in a way to provide more effective and safe services for the elderly, children and the disabled.

Environmentally friendly AUS applications that will ensure energy efficiency will be developed and solutions will be produced to reduce emissions in urban transport.

A eylem Monitoring and Steering Committee m will be set up for implementation and monitoring of the strategy and any changes and arrangements to be made in the action plan, if necessary, with the participation of private sector representatives, universities and non-governmental organizations.

4G infrastructures will be expanded

According to the action plan, an AUS Terms Dictionary will be prepared for a common AUS terminology. System names and abbreviations will be standardized.

Legislation prepared by metropolitan municipalities to prepare the AUS department will be prepared. The possibility of expanding new technology infrastructures such as 4G for the effective functioning of the AUS infrastructure will be provided.

The action plan during the Abu Galileo / EGNOS accession negotiations will be conducted by Turksat, the necessary software and hardware infrastructure will be installed to produce in Turkey. Under the second phase of the Mediterranean Action Plan, the establishment of similar structures in the Middle East and Asian countries to take an active role Turkey should allow work to be done.

National occupational standards and qualifications will be prepared in AUS sector and qualified personnel will be given Occupational Qualification Certificate.

”Road Radio Rady will be established

A national e-payment system that can be used in all means of transportation across the country will be developed. In addition to managing the offsets with the clearing center to be established, data and reports will be produced.

Public transport stops in the central districts of all metropolitan cities will be made smart.

“Highway Radio Müdür will be established by General Directorate of Highways. The legislation will be regulated. The e-Call (Emergency Call) system will be implemented in harmony with the European Union and the pilot implementation will be carried out at the end of this year.

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