Izmir-Ankara highway question from Moroğlu

İzmir-Ankara highway question from Moroğl: CHP İzmir Deputy Mustafa Moroğlu brought the İzmir-Ankara highway project, which he declared to be one of the “2011 İzmir 35 Projects” promises announced in 35, to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
Moroğlu, who gave a question request by Lütfi Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that any information regarding the stage of the project, which is stated to reduce the travel distance between İzmir and Ankara to 4 hours, is not shared with the public. Moroğlu asked Minister Elvan to answer the following questions:
“When was the tender of the project made? Has the study been completed after the survey and preparation works have been completed? How much is the project cost? How many people are planned to be employed under this project? How many people have been employed in which field so far? ”


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