Mersin Monorail Project

Mersin Monorail Project: The çok Monorail Project ve of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which is new in the world in terms of mass transportation, is very modern and sympathetic at first sight.

Today, such projects; It is being discussed and implemented in many cities by various methods such as subway, light rail and tram. Cost, route selection, speed and completion time, which are the main criteria of these projects, have been the subject of discussion in every project in almost every province.

Adana light metro system is a historical course in terms of cost, route selection and completion time. Adana Light metro system 14 for miles, 340 was contracted for million dollars and 596 could be completed in million years for 20. Unfortunately, it is a project that is not an example in the world as a cost option with incorrect costs.

Since we cannot express where the metro of Adana has gone, let's write where it did not go. Buses, Airport, Stadium, Hospitals, University, city center, such as the high potential of the majority of passengers do not go to the destination. Therefore, the number of passengers is not sufficient in the business is loss.

Returning to the giant monorail system of Mersin; kilometer route of the first 13,1 70 million dollars will be held in Turkey and the world does not come Considering the average cost based on realistic system made in (do not take in terms of cost base in Adana).

With the Build-Operate-Transfer system, it is stated that the carrying capacity of 348 thousand passengers will be paid daily. Let's take a look at this; An 5 passenger will be transported every time in an 200 wagon, and will take 42 minutes each time. Is it possible to transport 348 thousand passengers per day with this account? Do you have enough passenger capacity on this route considering the population of Mersin? Realistic?

The SPO and the Government were not supported for years. However, more accurate determinations could be made if technically required criteria were met and their suitability was studied. Does the city need it? Rather than research, everyone is doing it with the idea of ​​the rail system project is not planned.

Despite the fact that the minibus and midibus mass transportation in Mersin are full in the morning and in the evening, there is a low occupancy rate during the day.

Is there a need for such a public transport project in Mersin before the discussion of metro, light rail, tram and MONORAY? It needs to be detected.

Source: Tarık AKMANLAR - I



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