Stony attack on Manisa-Alasehir commuter train

Stony attack on the suburban train of Manisa-Alaşehir: A stone attack was made on the passenger train that made a suburban journey between Manisa-Alaşehir. While 6 people were slightly injured in the incident, there was panic among the passengers.

Passenger train from Alaşehir to Manisa was attacked with two stones while passing through the district of Nurlupınar in Turgutlu and Şehzadeler district. When the attack hit the glass in the attack, panic occurred among the passengers.

In the attack Halil Ulutaş (68), Emine Zeybek (62), Oznur Aydin (36), Celal Zeybek (8), Busra Aydin (8), Betul Aydin (18 monthly), while the citizens were slightly injured, the train stopped and came to Manisa. The statements of the passengers descending in Manisa were taken by the police. The security forces have started work to find the attackers.

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