Locomotive Collided With Oil Loaded Tanker From TMO Pier

accident tanker locomotive
accident tanker locomotive

Locomotive Collision with Oil Loaded Tanker from TMO Quay: On the Barbaros road in Tekirdag, Unilever's oil tanks were loaded with palm oil from the ship, Jafar Sergeant (58), which collided with the 34 AY 7667 plate tanker train locomotive.

In the event of a collision with the locomotive during the collision, the collision occurred because the tanker driver did not realize that the skin was in motion. During the collision, the tank broke out at the rear of the tanker and the oils began to flow into the road. In order to prevent oil wastes from being wasted by oil tanks chief Jafar Mete, the oil in the tanker was transferred to another tanker and the damage was prevented.

The investigation is continuing.



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