The tram hit when you could not hear the horn when walking with headphones

When I heard the horn while walking with headphones, the tram hit: A woman in Beyoğlu-Tophane wanted to cross the tramway with the headset she wore. The woman, who did not hear the horn, was injured as a result of the incoming tram hit. The injured woman was hospitalized by ambulance. Vatman was taken to the police station for testimony.

The accident occurred on the tram road in Tophane at around 15.30. The woman, whose name was learned to be Nurgül Tektek (46), tried to cross the street. Meanwhile, the moving tram started to sound a horn. The woman, who did not hear the horn sound due to the ear she wore in her ear, was injured by hitting her head on the ground as a result of the impact of the tram. Health teams called to the scene, after making the first intervention to the injured woman, was taken to the hospital by ambulance. As a result of the accident, tram services were stopped for a while. The tramway was taken to the police station for an expression after the incident. After the work done, tram services started again.

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