Number of passengers carried daily in Kayseri

📩 30/11/2018 17:51

The number of passengers carried daily in Kayseri increased to 130 thousand: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki said, “The rail system habits of people started to increase. When we first started, we found the number of passengers between 29-30 thousand and then 50 thousand. Now, the number of passengers carried has increased to 130 thousand ”.

President Özhaseki, X We made a first 22 vehicle in the tender. Then this number will increase 16 vehicle we had more. There have been such developments in the world that we first stopped and waited. We followed the developments in the world. 8-10 company started to produce multiple rail systems. This led to excessive competition. Although we have received very reasonable prices, waiting for those new companies, have made them enter the tender. But due to their fullness, they could not give a period of less than a year. They take the program you give, inspect the engineers, prepare their infrastructure and move on to the production lines. It's not easy when they're full. We did the 30 vehicle tender and finished it. We already signed the contract. They're not going to go down for over a year. After the 30 vehicle arrives, we will give 30 vehicle order more than the day we bought it. Because the rail line won't stay here. After that, we have Homeland in our project. We finished the 3 stage, 4. Phase Homeland. 5. When we come to the scene, starting from Belsin, the old terminal, the new terminal and Nuh Naci Yazgan'ya have a line. Then there's the airport line. Erkilet line is done. All this will come into play over time. Anyway I tried to tell him from day one. I'm starting the rail system line. But this is not a job that will end soon after the new lines will be activated 100 year. People's travel directions and preferences are changing. İnsanlar



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