Kartalkayada Hotels New Season Ready

📩 24/11/2018 13:47

New Season Ready Kartalkaya Hotels: Hotels in Kartalkaya, one of Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter has completed preparations for the new season.

Kartalkaya, one of Turkey's most important winter tourism centers, hotels ready for the new season.

Located about 50 kilometers from Bolu Kartalkaya and Turkey, which is one of the most important winter tourism centers in five hotels has completed its preparations ahead of the new season. Maintenance and repair work has been completed on the runways of Kartalkaya with a total length of 50 kilometers.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Grand Kartal Hotel Board Chairman Halit Ergül stated that the first skiing in Kartalkaya started in 1977, “At that time, the ski season in Kartalkaya lasted 5,5 months, now it has officially fallen to 3 months. We feel the global warming best. Today, it is no longer feasible to build a ski hotel from scratch, but we have to do the best service even if the season is 3 months, ”he said.

Stating that there are 2 hotels with a capacity of 5 thousand beds in the ski center, Ergül said, “As the hotels in the ski center, we made all our preparations before the season. Normally, our season opening will be on December 15th. We are ready to open in case of early snowfall. We made all kinds of preparations for our vacationers. "We have renewed our hotel from the beginning to the end before the new season."

Pointing out that the amount of snow falling on the ski center is decreasing year by year, Ergül said, “I think this decrease is related to global warming. While nearly 1977 meters of snow fell on Kartalkaya in 5, now it is snowing around 2,5 meters. "The snowfall has halved at the ski resort," he said.

Halit Ergül, 3 150 ski resort 200 a time between the XNUMX thousand said they expect holidaymakers.

In Turkey, claiming that the alternative Kartalkaya'daki Ergül, "on track in Kartalkaya'daki in a style reminiscent of the kind in Europe. We 'most of the ski slopes in Turkey're primed' he ambitious, "he said.