Response to the claim that tolls were collected from highways

Response to the claim that the tolls were collected from the Highways: The General Directorate of Highways made a written statement regarding the allegations on some websites that 'fees were collected at some highway toll booths due to technical breakdowns'.
In the exit from the General Directorate of Highways, the claim that the tolls were collected during the holiday were denied, it was noted that such a perception might have occurred due to the indicator failure at some toll booths.
In the explanation, he said:
“The statement made by the General Directorate of Highways is as follows; 'As claimed in the news, it is not possible to charge any fee from our citizens at the toll booths. During the holiday! OGS-HGS toll booths on bridges and highways were switched to free mode and no toll was collected from driver accounts. Due to the erroneous entry of date information in some HGS toll booths, due to the early activation of the fare side indicators at the toll booths, our drivers thought that money was collected from their accounts, in fact, there was only a problem in the fare side indicators and no toll was collected from the drivers' bank accounts. Therefore, no driver victimization was experienced regarding the issue, and the problem was solved by intervening in the side indicators of the fare at Mahmutbey, Hadımköy, Avcılar and other problematic stations.

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