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The name of quality, service and trust is BURULAŞ: Burulaş monitors the whole system with its highly experienced and expert staff and its Business Control Centers. It has maximized system security with incidental and periodic maintenance. It pays attention to both the emergency cleaning of all vehicles during the operation and the detailed cleaning outside the operating hours.

Passenger Complaints and requests are managed by a very isolated system such as Call Center, Web Site, External and Social Media. All suggestions and complaints received from our passengers are answered by the related parties and the passenger is provided with a fast return and all requests and suggestions are evaluated as an opportunity for improvement.

Can we learn the features of the seaplane you have opened in Gemlik? The sea plane that flies under the Cessna brand is the most famous private and commercial aircraft series. The fleet, consisting of Cessna 208 caravan type vip aircraft, has reduced Bursa - Istanbul - to 20 minutes by sea plane flights.

Buru is a must for Bursa. Let us learn from you the demands and preferences.

Burulaş manages the entire inner city transportation network of Bursa, but it is a big transportation company extending from Bursa to Marmara, Aegean Region and Bodrum in the South. We aim to do the best and the best as a service and continue our way with this mission.

We have an experienced team that responds to each and every one of our demands, and the demands vary from person to person. These are known.

What are the unknowns and innovations? It continues on the transportation rail in Bursa. So is Aviation and Budo.

With Budo, continuous innovations and campaigns continue and these are announced from all our channels. Last summer, Mudanya-Kabataş In addition to the line, we served with flights from Erdek to Marmara Island - Avşa - Tekirdağ, Mudanya to Biiyükada, we will continue by adding new locations next year.

We have recently launched Armutlu (Ihlas) flights, we increase our number of flights, we make changes according to the demands of passengers on voyage hours. Sea Plane Bursa-Istanbul and Bandırmaİstanbul flights continue.

We added Bodrum to our service network last summer and in addition to the summer Bodrum ahead, we will serve with new routes in the South. Helitaxi continues with scheduled flights and private rental.

Projects in Burulaş do not end, and every new activity we implement is adopted by passengers from the moment they are announced. Team training etc. for a good service. Do you have studies like? It is possible with a team with high motivation and regular training. We attach great importance to the training of our employees both by our in-company trainers and the services we receive from outside.

Can we get information about new projects and studies? We were able to Budo and 1.5 major works during the past year with aviation, new goals Photos: Ages Sapolyo quality, service and in the name BURULAŞ since 1998 Bursalılara providing transportation services BURULAŞ, Turkey's most ambitious institutions at the point where it is today.

BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy, who continues his long journey in the sea and started to write his name in the sky, both in the sky.

In recent years, Burulaş began to make a name for himself.

Yes, let's take the beginning of Burulaş from you.

Burulaş 1998 was established in order to operate the Light Rail System.

It included bus operations in 2002, Intercity Bus Terminal operations in 2004, T2009 tram operations in 2011, Bursa Sea Buses, Tl tram and Burulaş Aviation sea plane and helitaxi services in Bursa in 3. It was opened. How was Burulaş and your meeting? Since 2013, Mr. We are carrying out projects with Recep Altepe. I have been with Burulaş since the days when I was the consultant of Bursa Biiyükşehir Municipality.

First of all, we have identified your identity as many services. Let's get information as land. How does the rail and system work? BursaRay is a light rail system that connects the central districts and districts of Bursa at many points and its construction started in 1998. Bursa has significantly relieved urban transportation and traffic. It continues with additions in certain stages and according to the needs. It was put into operation in 2002 with the west-east and north-east lines.

These lines are line 1 starting from Organize Sanayi and ending in Şehreküstü and line 2 starting from Küçük Sanayi and ending in Şehreküsti. These two lines form stage A.

Stage A, which ended in Sehrekustu in 2008, was extended to Caryatagi under the name of Stage B after a three-year construction and construction phase. Small Industry-University and Organized Industry-BursaRay 2009.

At its stage, a project change was made and with the savings obtained from this change, 2 stations were added to Organize Sanayi, the last station in the north, to extend the line to Emek. Thus, direct transportation to Uludağ University in Caryatağı started.

The eastern line has been extended from Arabayatağı to Kestel. Rail System is monitored and controlled by a 24-hour CCTV system under the management of IKM (Operation Control Center).

The maintenance team ensures the maintenance and cleaning of the trains during the night shift. Bursaray 24 serves with a system integrity running hours.

You brought very special services to Bursa. Can you tell us about helicopter service features in a very short time? Helitaxi reduces transportation between Bursa and Istanbul to 25 minutes. from Bursa Kadıköyin 25 minutes, from Bursa to Şişli in 28 minutes, from Bursa to Atatürk Airport in 35 minutes, Kadıköyfrom Şişli to Şişli and Atatürk Airport in 4 minutes, in 8 minutes, KadıköyWe arrive from Ataturk Airport in 12 minutes.

Bursa helicopter heliport, serving with a helicopter fleet of 13 vehicles, each with a capacity of 6 vehicles, Kadıköy Ispark Heliport is made from Şişli Municipality Marriage Office Parking Lot and Atatürk Airport Heliport. Where did the idea of ​​service in the helicopter service come from? Bursa, Istanbul and other cities of Turkey and went even further, to integrate globalized world, put into service in order to fold Ontario's economy.

What do you pay for quality service as a manager?

Burulaş aims to create value for every customer and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with the aim of providing quality services beyond the expectations of its customers. Call Center, Web Site, media, social media, and all the suggestions and complaints received with the petition to solve the most effective, but as an opportunity to improve, the quality of the service through customer satisfaction surveys are measured regularly.

Let us hear from you how you conduct the orchestra conducting in the team control and system ..

The team leader must manage his emotions and have emotional intelligence to manage his employees.

The self-aware leader, however, can also understand and direct others and thus ensure the effective functioning of his team. The leader provides the motivation necessary for the team to be included in all stages of the work and to participate in the decisions.

Consistency between the leader's actions and discourses is very important in creating a team spirit and guiding the team. You also need to be able to see opportunities, think analytically, or be competent to avoid or resolve crises.

By giving importance to ethical values, it is necessary to be a role model for the whole team and create a desire for self-improvement in the team and cause a splash of quality. What are the important things for you in people-oriented service? Passengers are reliable, comfortable and timely with a regular schedule of tariffs. We announce our announcements via our Social Media and Twitter page and through our media.

We had the opportunity to get to know you short. Can we learn your methods and rules to be successful as managers? In order to provide uninterrupted service to the passengers during the transportation period, we are working with our experienced Manager and Chefs, our sub-staff and our team.

As a manager, I try to keep the motivation of all the employees at the highest level with one-to-one communication with all the staff, frequent internal organizations and regular training. We had a wonderful day at your hosts.

We are sure that all individuals receiving service from Burulaş agree. If there are complaints, how do you consider them and how do you find solutions? We have our Call Center, Web site and Social Media addresses for complaints. People from these channels can contact us directly. And it is frequently supervised by our management staff.


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