Izmir Rail Systems and Transportation

Rail systems and transportation of İzmir: Although in Izmir, Metro, Izban, sea transportation, but with heavy buses.

Transportation in Izmir is mainly on wheels. Although there are buses to the subway, Izban, sea transportation though weight. I don't think it's time to think of the lift. Habertürk Egeli Coordinator Journalist Abdi Karagözoğlu entered the news about Konak Tunnels and wrote İzmir Traffic until Buca knot.

Transportation of Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's new transportation system has been in many regions.

Although there is a decrease in complaints in the first period, it is clear that we need to make more distances to solve the problems in some districts.

Above all, more investment is required.

All transport systems.


Although we have started to use sea transportation in recent years with rail system, İzmir's transportation network is mainly based on rubber wheeled vehicles.

Taking people to the high neighborhoods is both troublesome and costly.

The municipality constantly buys new buses against wear; is forced to take.

However, in many western cities where mountain tops are abundant, new alternative transportation systems are already being introduced.

There are fer ropeways Ki at the beginning.

I cannot understand why Izmir, which is the capital of the firsts, ignores the başlan ropeway system in public transportation ıy that is being integrated into the transportation system even in Anatolia.

The city governors; Gültepe, Kadifekale, Çimentepe, Esentepe, Örnekköy, Bornova, Balçova, Goztepe or Guzelbahce ropeway ropeway line planlasa, citizens can go to the subway stations without problems, would be bad.

Moreover, with the development of such projects, most of the sub-districts and suburban areas will be folded and the urban transformation will accelerate.


While the world is looking for an alternative to public transportation, we discuss the construction of Konak Tunnels,

On the one hand we do not make enough transportation investments, on the other hand we criticize what is done.

AK Party Izmir deputy Ilknur Denizli, when completed the Buca traffic tunes for the construction of the tunnels of the news that yesterday yesterday:

Sahip When you say a tunnel, you have bad memories. The past failures of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality have caused serious trauma in İzmir. Tunnel, when you say big project will last for years, they will never end. Izmir people should not worry. Our government attaches great importance to İzmir. The tunnels will soon be over. T

Urban transportation is very difficult to solve completely. However, it is possible to provide relief, fluency. The only way to do this is to use all systems in the best way.

Open invitation to Buca

Speaking of Buca; the number of vehicles using the known ring road is increasing day by day. Therefore, trying to enter Buca by the ring road in the evening turns into a great torment and tragedy. Mayor Levent Piriştina and our deputies who call the city governors, ş I am a victim to Buca işt and I invite the highways bureaucrats to the Buca intersection in the evening.

That; see that the ambulances pass the 200 meter distance in 40 minutes, so that they can take action to make another entrance to the Buca from the ring road.

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