Izmir Metropolitan presses button for metro tunnel

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality pushed the button for the subway tunnel: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the construction of the ground in 2008 clayey and sandy, the construction of the underground tunnel on the grounds that the risk for the building of the Izmir Metro Bornova Central station and the 1163 meter tunnel pushed the button for the countdown. At the end of the year, the project will be completed and will be produced in the form of narrow double tunnels, which performs the tender for the consultancy of the Metropolitan Municipality, the construction tender will be in 2015 year.

The most important pillar of the public transport, the metro line of the Bornova line of Bornova, the Evka-3 Station and the Bornova Central Station, will be restarted after the 8 year. The construction of 2007 kilometers long line, starting from Bornova Station, which was started in 3.3 of İzmir Metro, was stopped in 3, covering the 2008 kilometers long line, Campus, Evka 3 and Bornova Central stations. After the Evka-2012 Station, during the excavations carried out in the direction of Bornova Square where Bornova Central Station will be constructed, it was requested that the floor be clayey and sandy, and that it would pose a risk to the buildings. When the company did not undertake this, the construction of this part of the construction was delayed. The remaining construction of the Bornova metro was left unfinished due to the failure of the contractor Bozoğlu to complete the construction. Re-auctioned construction was completed in XNUMX. However, Bornova Central Station and the tunnel could not be made.

Metropolitan Municipality, this year to extend the subway to Bornova Center has been the tender for the application project. The firm that wins the tender and continues its work, will deliver the project at the beginning of the 2015 year which is the end of the additional period. In the meantime, the Metropolitan Municipality, in the implementation phase of the consultancy tender to do. According to the project, Evka 3 Station will start from the 1163-meter tunnel and the station will be reached with the metro Bornova center.

In the canceled project, the line with a large and single tunnel will be converted into narrow and double tunnel shape. With the completion of the new line in 2015 year, the Fahrettin Altay Station will take you to Bornova Center in 33 minutes.


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