50 Security Personnel Response

Fired 50 Security Personnel Response: As far as 50, working in tram lines in Eskişehir and working in a private security company, security personnel claimed that they were dismissed without notice.

A group of officers working in a private security company gathered in front of a shopping mall located on Yenibağlar Mahallesi Üniversitesi Caddesi. In the press release, Emre Güngör spoke on behalf of the workers who stated that they were dismissed while working on the newly opened tram lines; “He terminated the employment of me and my friends without notice against us. In the job application, it was said that new lines will be opened and security personnel are needed. We trusted this and made our applications with some of our friends. We started work in the heat of the summer, we did not have any security cabin, a place where we could be protected at the stops. First, we worked under bad conditions in the summer heat. Then we came to the winter months. This was also the case during the winter months. We tried to do our duty by getting wet in the rain and wearing only very simple thin coats in cold weather. Their only purpose is our money, our bread. kazanhis point. After leaving the shift at 06:00 – 15:00 yesterday evening, we were all called to the company. Our supervisor in the company said goodbye to us and said, “Friends, ESTRAM could not find enough density from the lines it opened. It is going to shrink, let your right be halal” was said. "We were informed of this in just half an hour," he said.

Güngör said that the reason why the dismissed personnel was dismissed was not specified and that they could not get answers to the questions in their minds; “Now we have some questions, while the Batıkent - Çamlıca, Yenikent - Çankaya line was opened, ESTRAM did not do any feasibility studies. Couldn't he have done this by establishing a free ring line on these lines before, without taking us, without giving us hope? After that, some of our new friends were taken out, some of them were not. Now we have two groups, new and old, at the tram stops. Old friends continue. What criteria did you take out of our new friends, and according to what criteria did you continue your continuation? Although no notice, complaint, report was kept about us, they ended our job in half an hour. We cannot get our legal rights. It does not stand behind us in Eskişehir Security Union. We call them to be sensitive from here, too, ”he said.

Emre Gungor stated that the inadequacies of the facilities provided to them during the period they worked were also seen by the citizens.

Ler According to our reports, one of the reasons for our dismissal has not been made. Our people saw us there in the rain, could not stand in the cold, conscience did not allow. They've fired us not to build a cabin. Our people have laid off us for protecting us. First of all, we should have our people behind us and then Mr. Dr. We would like to see Yılmaz Büyükerşen chairman take this issue. Büyük

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