Palu Bridge Connects Istanbul to Baghdad

Palu Bridge Connecting Istanbul to Baghdad Challenges Years: The historical Palu Bridge, which was built on the Murat River in Elazig about 100 years ago and formerly known as "the bridge connecting Istanbul to Baghdad", has been standing for centuries Palu Municipality Chairman Mehmet Sait Dağoğlu: “Silk and silk products from China.
The historical Palu Bridge, formerly known as the “bridge that connects Istanbul to Baghdad”, was built on the Murat River in Elazig about 100 years ago and is located on the Silk Road route.
Palu Mayor Mehmet Sait Dağoğlu, AA correspondent, said 4. Murat Bridge, also known as the bridge about a thousand years ago 100 said.
Stating that the bridge is the first bridge built on the Murat River, Dağoğlu said, “It is the first bridge, which means that the Silk Road passes through Palu. "The people of the region lived in prosperity for a long time thanks to the bridge," he said.
Dağoğlu gave the following information about the construction and repair phases of the 4,5 meter-wide bridge and the 193 meter-length bridge:
“The construction of the historical bridge started over 100 thousand years ago and was completed only in 3 kings in 16 years. According to legend, one of the kings died from the disease and the other died in battle, and the bridge was finished in the third king period. The bridge underwent major repairs during the reign of Murat. 4. Murat went on his way to the Baghdad Campaign and continued on his way by completing the repair of the bridge in a week. Then, we tendered in 4 and opened the bridge in 2008-2010 season. ”
Pointing to the importance of the bridge in the old times, Dağoğlu said, “The transition of silk and silk products from China to the European side was the first of these bridges.”
Dagoglu, the economic and social structure of the district thanks to the development of the bridge, he added.

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