68 metro vehicles - Hacıosman - Yenikapı Rail Public Transport System subway vehicle procurement tender (SPECIAL NEWS)

Istanbul BB Rail Public Transport System Project 68 08 2014 68 3 83.216.989 XNUMX Ler Hacıosman - Yenikapı Rail Public Transport System XNUMX has awarded XNUMX firm tender for the procurement and commissioning of subway vehicle supply of XNUMX.

Thank you letter

Car offers 67.986.400 Euro
Credit offer 90.800.000 Euro
Premium% 7
Export Credit interest rate eurobor +% 2
13 annual export credits
5 annual industrial loan
Locality:% 40

Vehicle offer 77.520.000Euro
Credit offer 100.000.000 euro
Premium% 9,73
Credit interest rate eurobor +% 1,3
Commercial loan 5 annually
Export credits 13 annually
Locality:% 40


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