Fast train 2016 will reach the port

High speed train will arrive at the port in 2016: Transport Minister Elvan stated that the first high speed train to arrive via Konya Karaman will reach Mersin at the end of 2016, and another important project is to make a large container port for Mersin, Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport and Communication. Stating that as of October 2014, they started to receive money from the Iranian trucks within the framework of reciprocity and said, “We get what they get. Of course we want the problem to be solved.

Our neighbor country, our friendly country. We have important business ties with Iran, we have important relations.

We care about these, but we expect Iran to respect the principle of reciprocity. ” Minister Elvan visited Mersin Governorate in Mersin, where he came to conduct a series of contacts.

Elvan, welcomed by the governor Özdemir Çakacak, said that Mersin is a port city and that it is also a tourism, agriculture and industrial city. Elvan pointed out that these sectors meet in Mersin. He pointed out that we should see it as a transportation terminal. Elvan said that the products of Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean will be marketed abroad in the next period, and that with the completion of high speed rail projects, Mersin will be an important center.

It will become a very important center both in terms of logistics centers, sales of manufactured products to foreign markets, and stocking and marketing of these products. Our second largest city after Antalya is Mersin.

One area in Mersin that we wish to develop even more rapidly is the tourism sector. We believe that the tourism sector will also revive in this area, especially by strengthening infrastructure investments. ”

3 BIG HARBOR PROJECT FOR 3 BIG SEAS ”While Elvan stated that the first high-speed train coming from Konya-Karaman will arrive in Mersin at the end of 2016, another important project is to make a large container port for Mersin and added:“ We As a ministry, we set a goal like this; 3 big port projects in our 3 big seas.

You know, we have a Kilvos Port project in the Black Sea. We also have the Çandarlı Port project, which has an annual capacity of 12 million TEU in the Aegean.

We also have a container port project of 11.5 million TEU in Izmir.

We continue to work on this. A significant part is complete.

This container port will also add strength to Mersin. It will further increase Mersin's dynamism

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