Country of Strikes Germany

Germany, the land of strikes: Airline and railway workers have been on strike frequently in Germany recently. The issue causes controversy in the German public. The Heilbronner Stimme newspaper, in its commentary titled "Strike culture in Germany", includes the following views:

“Germany as a country of strikes. Those affected by work-off actions at railways or airports may share this view. But it is not an appropriate statement. The culture of business struggle has changed. In the past, it was better wages and better working conditions. The fact that large trade unions have to represent all the employees in these branches makes the classic labor struggle almost impossible for all employees. However, when the mini-unions try to impose their luxury demands, the situation becomes problematic. The new interest representatives of the small elite groups will go to other employees, but if they insist on their own demands, this could lead to erosion of the large unions. Küçük

German Railways (DB) employees went on strike on an 14 hour on Wednesday. Tagesspiegel has a comment on the subject:

“The mechanics use the strike trump card - contrary to what they claim - not primarily to enforce legal demands for fewer working hours and higher wages, but to be popular with other railroad workers. The strike, which curbed millions of passengers, is an advertising message for 17 conductors, wagon restaurant employees and Deutsche Bahn managers. The message is 'Choose to be represented not by the tame rival union Train and Transport Union (EVG), but by the work struggle expertise of our Train Engineers Union (GDL).' This is the abuse of the strike law. "

The Westfälische Nachrichten newspaper also criticizes the strikes in its interpretation:

Duman When the fumes rise after the fight for the wage in the engineer's cabin and in the pilots' cockpit, those who travel should forget the following two concepts: punctuality and order. Talks between the Deutsche Bahn and the Train Machineists' Union and the German Cockpit (Lufthansa) and Lufthansa are being struck by strikes, despite the strong performances of the actors. Nervous, unnecessary and exaggerated Sin

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