Demonstrators set fire train tracks in Manisada

Demonstrators set fire to the train rails in Manisa: Isidor is 3 days gave a pretext to fire all of Turkey in Manisa supporters of terrorist organizations by rail instead of returning war.

2 people were detained in the operation launched after the fire that the police extinguished with the TOMAs.
The terrorist incidents, initiated by the supporters of the terrorist organization, on the pretext of ISIS attacks on Kobani, continue on the 3 day, in Manisa. Last night

Horozköy neighborhood activists stirred the evening of the battlefield Nurlupınar neighborhood. Numerous demonstrators, including the children, broke fire on the train tracks and broke a fire at the 2 level crossing in Nurlupınar neighborhood of Şehzadeler district of Manisa. A large number of Molotov cocktails against the police demonstrators turned the neighborhood into a battlefield. About 800 in cases where police intervened

4 TOMA took part. While the TOMAs extinguished the fire on the train tracks, train operations were stopped during the operation. All the shops in the neighborhood were closed, and the security forces who had entered the side streets urged citizens to enter their homes. Manisa Police Director Tayfur Erdal Ceren'in directed by the 2 people were taken into custody until now. Police headquarters in the neighborhood after the operation of the police, large security measures in the neighborhood continues.


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