Gebze YHT victim

📩 25/11/2018 18:22

Gebze YHT victim: citizens who spend the holidays in Ankara experienced a great trouble due to a single trip. The number of flights in Gebze should be increased.

Istanbul-Ankara High-Speed ​​Train flights, which started before the Ramadan holiday, were the victims of the sacrifice of the citizens of Gebzeli. Only 6 trains stopped in Gebze. While the citizens of Gebzeli suffered in transportation, the reactions that were not shown in time were once again seen to be the cause of the Gebze region. Gebze, will stop in YHT'dan Gebze'nin badge as a consolation 1 time fell.


However, if the last stop of Fast Ten was not taken from Pendik, Gebze, all of the 6 trains would be in Gebze and Gebze would be the transport hub of YHT. Those who have been silent to the struggle we gave last year on this issue now see how right we are. Those who wanted to come to Gebze from Ankara could not find a place or they had to land in Pendik and Izmit.


The biggest example of the Gebze region in the fight against YHT should be Izmit. As it was to be remembered, YHT would stop only once in Izmit, but the number and number of voyages of the Izmit lobby were reduced to four. Those who come from Ankara or those who want to go to Ankara can buy tickets to 4 YHT from Izmit every day. In this regard, the number of trips should be increased by doing lobby work in Gebze region.

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