The solution reducing the traffic of Xanthum

Gaziantepten 30 reduction of traffic to the solution: Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin, to remove traffic on the freeway to relieve city traffic, he said.
Sahin, said in a statement, before the election of the people most of the city traffic and transportation, complaining that they want a solution for themselves.
Stating that the city is growing very fast and a structural transformation is necessary, Şahin said:
. We have seen that even though very serious investments have been made on the ring road of our city, we cannot benefit enough. In order to spread the traffic load in the city center to the ring road, we were told that we should use the motorway as a freeway. We started our work by taking this into consideration. De
Approximately 200 thousand employees in Gaziantep, 170 is an Organized Industrial Zone that exports to the country that reminds Sahin, the entrance to the organization of the vehicles entering the city and the entrance of the ring road for the use of the series said that they are working in series.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim at that time, the problem came to the city to examine the transfer of Sahin, said:
"Today, only three places in Turkey, Bursa, Gaziantep 3 with a fraction of those in Adana. The region has started processing. How is it. If you're making a long distance pass, you pay. But if you are traveling from one region to another in the north, east and west, you don't pay any fees. We have removed entry fees from the motorway to relieve urban traffic. Şehir
Citizens, the transition is not enough to express the new begin, Sahin, about 3 weeks, the system implemented with heavy vehicles in the traffic 30 relieving percentage, he said.
President Şahin and his team received a number of information from the authorities by examining the last situation on the highway in the eastern tolls of the previous day. Drivers, they were very satisfied with the application and they thank Sahin for the successful work.

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