Galatasaray news bad news subway line match day off

Galatasaray news bad news to the Galatasaray line off the match day: Saturday, the TT Arena will host Fenerbahce Galatasaray supporters Istanbul Transportation Services Directorate came to the bad news Industrial District-Seyrantepe metro line closed the match day.

Super League Saturday, the arch-rival Fenerbahce will host guest Galatasaray, bad news came to fans. Istanbul Transportation Services Directorate announced that the metro line between Sanayi District and Seyrantepe will be closed on the match day.

As it is known, Türk Telekom Arena Stadium in Seyrantepe is located in one of the busiest areas in Istanbul. Galatasaray fans are also using the subway for this reason.

Istanbul Transportation Services Directorate, will go to derbiye Galatasaray fans to relax, the day of the match will be increased the number of bus services to Seyrantepe reported. The subway line between Sanayi District and Seyrantepe has been closed for some time due to construction works.

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