Evka 3-Bornova Central Station Between the Tunnel and Bornova Central Station construction company was awarded for the contract.

Getinsa, who won the tender between the Evka 3 - Bornova Central station and the Bornova Central station supervision and consultancy engineering services, was invited for the contract.

New developments on the tender for ü Supervision, Consultancy and Engineering Services for the Construction of the Tunnel and Bornova Central Station Between the Izmir Light Rail System Project Evka 29-Bornova Central Station and the Izmir Light Rail System Project ”were opened by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Branch Office on the 2014 August 3.

According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The winner of the tender, whose approximate cost was determined as 3.782.512 liras, was invited to the contract on 30 September 2014. In the coming days, the contract will be signed over 2.997.794 pounds.

Ref .: Investments Magazine 1200 / 29 September 2014 (APE)


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