Ereğlide Signaling System Is Changing

Ereglide Signaling System is Changing: Eregli district of Konya signaling system is being rearranged. Traffic Signaling Unit of Konya Metropolitan Municipality started to work at some points in Ereğli. Traffic Signalization Unit, which started to work in Ereğli with a team of 12 people, completes the missing traffic signs throughout the district and replaces the old ones with new ones. The teams will change the signaling system completely to ensure a fast and controlled traffic flow.
Mayor Ozkan Ozguven, who made explanations about the subject, said that the signaling in Eregli in Konya was not in accordance with the standards and that the infrastructure should be rebuilt. In the light of this information, they had a meeting with Konya Metropolitan Municipality and they decided to overhaul the system in Eregli, Ozguven said, Trafik Traffic Signaling Unit of Konya Metropolitan Municipality came to Eregli on Monday and started to work. The teams will rebuild the infrastructure of signaling at all junctions across Ereğli to make the traffic flow fast and controlled. They will also complete missing traffic signs and replace old ones with new ones. They support the team from Konya within our Municipality. Approximately 3 to 6 will come into service after a month of operation. Sinyal

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