Overcoming Obstacles with Bridge

Obstacles overpassed by bridge: The bridge built by Niğde Special Provincial Administration in Koçak village of Ulukışla district of Niğde was the hope of disabled brothers.
Koçak Village headman Cumali Yavuz as a result of the initiative by the Special Provincial Administration in Niğde Koçak village built on the creek bridge, crossing a single house across the stream facing the brothers drowned in disability.
From their homes to the creek on their own efforts to create a makeshift tree gate for about 20 years, physical and mentally disabled siblings 64 year old Cumali Sezgin and 59 year old Ümmügülsüm Sezgin 25 year old sister Nuriye Sezgin XNUMX thanked everyone for the occasion of the bridge.
Nuriye Sezgin, the older sister of the disabled said that her father had passed away 24 years ago and that she had been taking care of her two handicapped siblings since that day and that she had suffered a stroke five years ago. nuriye Sezgin, his brothers across the river said he was experiencing a lot of difficulties.
Praying that “God bless our state,” Nuriye Sezgin said that they will never forget this service for their disabled siblings.
Kocak village headman Cumali Yavuz said in a statement, 'We applied for a bridge to iron. Attempts were made to build a solid bridge with a project. Thus, the bridges that have been reached today have reached our disabled brothers. A very valuable service came to our village. However, I can say that the most valuable service made to my village so far is the compassionate hand of the state extending to these two handicapped brothers Ancak.
Muhtar Koçak thanked the Governor of Niğde Necmettin Kılıç, the Ulukışla District Governor Ferhat Atar, the Provincial Assembly President Mahmut Peşin and members, the General Secretariat of the Special Provincial Administration and all the staff.

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