Electric Bus (EBus) Introduced to the World

bozankaya ebus
bozankaya ebus

BozankayaElectric Bus (EBus) produced by the company was introduced to the whole world: known for its investments in rail system, commercial vehicle design and production. BozankayaIntroduced a brand new vehicle at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hannover, Germany. BozankayaEBus electric bus received full points from IAA visitors.

Turkish domestic manufacturer making significant R & D investments in rail system and commercial vehicle design BozankayaIntroduced its new electric bus to the world at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Fair in Hannover. E-Bus launches especially in the global arena BozankayaWhile the IAA attracted great attention, it was stated that there were potential demands for E-Bus from all local governments of Germany, Northern Europe and Switzerland, Iran and Azerbaijan. In addition, Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Dr. Ersan Aslan and the officials of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Bozankaya visited the new electric bus.

Compared with other public transportation vehicles used today BozankayaE-Bus is the production of; energy consumption, environmental sensitivity and efficiency. Battery system, Bozankaya The production of E-Bus developed by GMBH Bozankaya Inc. by. The battery system, which is the most important issue in electric buses, has become the center for durable systems in public transportation in Europe and America. Bozankaya Developed by GMBH.

Bozankaya General Manager Aytunç Günay, said during the fair; "BozankayaWe have been working for E-Bus for three years. When the vehicle is charged, the average 260-320 travels between km. Bozankaya We guarantee for 200 km. The battery system that provides this is of course very important. Bozankaya The battery system of the E-Bus is another R & D center in Germany Bozankaya It was developed by GMBH with a very special system. In the IAA, the E-Bus has attracted a lot of attention. In particular, we can say that there is serious demand from all local governments of Germany, Northern Europe and Switzerland, Iran and Azerbaijan. ”

BozankayaE-Bus launched by IAA 2014; Rechargeable electric (battery), 10.7 m length, three doors with fast passenger downloading and loading and unloading, super low floor, 25 person seating capacity, environmentally friendly, quiet, economical, efficient city bus offers many solutions together .

It is characterized by the creation of environmentally friendly zones with zero emissions in urban transportation, increasing productivity in areas where stop-start is frequent and offering high performance without loss of power. Bozankaya The E-Bus offers many advantages. In addition, the E-Bus adapts to modern city life as it eliminates the disturbing engine noise during the journey and provides a quiet environment for the environment along the route. E-Bus is an economical public transportation solution that provides high savings in order to reduce dependence on foreign fuel. With its super-low base, the E-Bus offers comfort and safety for passengers.

The E-Bus provides a range of minimum 200 km with 200 kWh Li Yttrium Ion batteries. EBS, ECAS, tilting, pre-heater, speed-controlled power steering options are offered as standard. The electric vehicle can be charged in charging stations, but in an emergency, 380V can be connected directly to the vehicle without any other device. The amount of battery can be increased depending on the route length.

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