Local train 2 will be placed on the tracks in the year (Photo Gallery)

Domestic train 2 will be put on track in the year: TÜVASAŞ General Manager, the domestic train project started, the latest 2-2.5 will be put on the rail after years, he said.

Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) Director General Erol Inan, the start of a local train project, later 2-2.5 years later, he would be placed on the rail. Inan, who will retire from the factory where he has been working for 2 years, said goodbye to the press members at the factory. Speaking at the meeting, which was attended by factory managers and Railways-Work Union Branch Head Cemal Yaman, İnan gave information about domestic train index production. Emphasizing that the local train will be placed on the rail within 2-2.5 years at the latest, İnan stated that he signed this on the drain and said: “What does this mean, it means a lot to me. With this national train project, Sakarya railways will become a machinery industry base. With such words, not with words, an act of action started. When he leaves the administration tomorrow, the manufacturing process will start with the project. By Allah's leave, this will be placed on the rail within 2 years and a maximum of 2.5 years. It is thought what the name of the national train will be named, if even its name is thought, a certain point has been reached. "


Believe me, TÜVASAŞ is among the top 500 companies in Turkey, from 70 million pounds turnover drew attention to the interests of the 383 million turnover. Will this place be closed when he starts working at the factory? will it move? Reminding that discussions were held, İnan said that these discussions should be removed from the agenda.

Believe in the call Exiting with TÜVASAŞ, he said: "We have our factory 500'ınc including the public and private sectors in Turkey's top 260 industrial corporations. This is a very important figure. We became 10th among public institutions, that is, among state-owned organizations. This is what pleases me the most. We are in the first place in the railway sector in its sector. Please drop the debate as to whether each province will close while trying to bring heavy industry to itself. Do you own one of Turkey's largest resort, you have to have it. "

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