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The bridge could not be WASTE: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, KarşıyakaWhen he quit the bridge works he started in.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality before local elections Karşıyaka The bridge between Goncalar and Demirköprü neighborhoods was destroyed and the construction of 2 meter concrete bridges, which was started to be built on river beds, was abandoned. Reinforced concrete bridges, which are claimed to have been built unplanned without taking into consideration the development plans, have not been operational since then. Concrete blocks prepared for the bridge were left as they were on the river bed in local elections. The bridge constructions were filled with debris.
2 meters high
The residents of the neighborhood, who expressed that the bridges have become dirt slots, reacted. Stating that the piers of the bridge, which are higher than the previous ones, extend to the surrounding apartment entrances, citizens said, “We are victims of the elevation difference between the road and the bridge. It looks like your bridges were built just for images, ”he said. Stating that the works that started a couple of months before the elections were not completed, Yüksel Uysal, one of the residents of the neighborhood, said, “It looks like they left the concrete blocks for the bridge. He is surrounded by thinners and drug addicts. Due to the height of the concrete bridge, thieves can easily jump from bridge construction to our balconies. Did the engineers never think of the surrounding apartments while drawing up the projects of these bridges? The bridges that they made to earn money for someone hastily before the election are now standing there ”. Karşıyaka Expressing that the construction of the bridge was filled with rubble despite the municipality's cleaning before, Ekrem Kılıç said, “Construction owners are now throwing their rubble here. The front of our apartment has become impassable from rubble and dirt. Metropolitan came, put huge concrete blocks here and left. There is no coming or going anymore. Karşıyaka It saddens us to see such scenes in a place like this ”.

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