Suicide By Walking Right On The Train

He committed suicide by walking towards the train: In Gaziemir District of İZMİR, a man whose name has not yet been identified on the suburban train tracks has been dying under the train that came upon him.

The accident occurred five hundred meters near İZBAN Esbaş Stop at around 20.00 hours today. The mechanic of the İZBAN commuter train, who made the Aliağa-Cumaovası expedition, saw a man walking towards the train on the rails in an area where there was no lighting when he approached the Esbaş stop. Despite the sudden braking of the machinist, the person remained under the train. The mechanic of the suburban train reported the situation to the health and police teams. The medical teams who came upon the notice determined that the person had lost his life in a terrible way. The shoes of the person who committed suicide were approximately 50-55 meters behind the train. In the examination made by the teams, the corpse of the person whose identity was not found was removed to the Izmir Forensic Morgue. İZBAN officials who took security precautions at the scene evacuated the passengers on the train by walking to Esbaş Station. It was learned that in the first statement he gave his trainer, who was detained after the accident, to the machinist police, that someone was walking on the rails and could not stop despite braking.



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