Cihanbeylide signaling studies

Cihanbeylide signaling work: Konya Cihanbeyli district of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Signaling Unit started work at some points.
The Traffic Signaling Unit, which started to work in Cihanbeyli with the team consisting of 12 people, completes the missing traffic signs throughout the district and replaces the old plates with new ones. Ankara-Konya Street, Ali Öztok Street crossing the teams started to work at the junction signaling infrastructure. The teams started to work in İnönü Bulvarı and Ali Öztok Street and said that they will be put into service by completing the signaling infrastructure works in a short time.
Cihanbeyli Mayor Mehmet Kale stated that the traffic flow of the district would be fast and controlled with the signaling study to be carried out. Kontroll Traffic Signalization Unit of Konya Metropolitan Municipality came to our district and started their works. In order to make the traffic flow of the teams fast and controlled, we will ease the traffic by constructing the infrastructure of the signaling at the intersections of Ankara Konya Caddesi, Ali Öztok Street and İnönü Bulvarı, Ali Öztok Street where traffic is dense in our district center. In addition, they will complete the missing traffic signs and replace the old plates with new ones. The team from Konya support our teams within our municipality. The traffic flow in our district will be provided in a controlled manner with the installation of signalizations. Sinyal

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