Çerkezköymuddy road will not stay


ÇerkezköyThe Muddy Road Will Not Stay: Depending on Tekirdağ Çerkezköy Mayor Vahap Akay gave information about the ongoing road repair works in Kızılpınar.
Akay, repair work is finished, cold asphalt work will begin after the recording, Kızılpinar up to date with the asphalt patching work on the damaged roads about the repair of approximately 40'in said.
Mayor Akay said, “Our repair work on important streets in Kızılpınar is over. For the remaining parts, we plan to include cold asphalt works as well as asphalt patching works. Our goal is not to leave an unrepaired square meter road in Kızılpınar until the end of 2014. "We will continue to do our best to prevent our people in Kızılpınar from walking in the mud."
Mayor Vahap Akay, who also made statements regarding the reclaiming of the land allocated to Namık Kemal University by the Veliköy Municipality, which was previously closed at the September Assembly Meeting, said, “The said protocol was not included in our council decisions. In addition, the protocol had expired. In this context, we canceled the allocation protocol signed with NKU. We make the necessary evaluations. Then, we will decide in the parliament whether the protocol will be renewed or not, and if so, on what terms it will be renewed ”.

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