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Asphalt Mobilization from the Metropolitan: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to equip the Capital with hot asphalt from the new districts to the most remote neighborhoods (villages). Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek, Gök We promised in the elections. New towns and villages will be equipped with asphalt. We are fulfilling one of our promises. Our work continues rapidly. Çalış
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, including the new districts and neighborhoods of the area 2014 4 from January to the end of October by making a total of more than a million tons of asphalt pavement 30 than a new record. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek said that they acted with suitable weather conditions for asphalt works. Inin After the local elections of Metropolitan Municipality Law and 4 March, we have started to serve from the new districts and neighborhoods which have joined the responsibility of Metropolitan Municipality. Our work in Ankara continues at full speed. In total, we have carried out 89 million XNUMX thousand tons of asphalt pavement until the end of October. Toplam
It is stated that the works are carried out 7/24 in shifts and that the city center, metropolitan districts and neighborhood status kazanNoting that it continues on all four sides, especially in the villages, Mayor Gökçek said, “We are doing asphalt paving work from corner to corner in the capital. We are working hard to ensure that there are no unpaved districts and neighborhoods that used to be villages. Access to even the most remote points is now provided by hot asphalt and roads equipped with modern lines.
Bituminous hot mix asphalt (BSK) has been laid on the roads of the towns and villages, Gökçek said: lar With the new law, we have achieved a neighborhood status, but we have never seen asphalt, dusty grounded, stony, village roads that damage the vehicles are modern and completely different. İlçe
District and neighborhood status by entering the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality kazanStating that the villages are equipped with asphalt and that almost all districts and neighborhoods are entered, Mayor Gökçek said, “There will be no unpaved neighborhood (village) in Ankara.” Our work continues rapidly with serim, 8 asphalt maintenance and repair teams, and 29 asphalt maintenance and repair teams at night. As long as the weather conditions are suitable, this asphalt work will continue.”
Mayor Gökçek stated that the services of the Metropolitan Municipality will be accessible to all places with the asphalt works which are continuing in the central and connected districts but given to the districts and neighborhoods where the priority has been newly connected. He said: ç This new face in our towns and villages, which have taken on a completely different path through brand new ways, is only a small indicator of the services the Metropolitan Municipality will take. şunlar

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