Construction started at BUTTIM Junction

Construction started at the BUTTIM Junction: The Metropolitan accelerated its efforts to relieve the traffic on Yalova Road. BUTTIM Yoncalı Junction will be opened for transportation within 3 months.
One year later, the traffic lights on the road will disappear. In transportation, which has become a bleeding wound of Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to reduce the traffic density to a great extent with the works it carries out on Yalova Road.
President Recep Altepe stated that the "traffic light" system applied on the axis of Kestel Görükle will start here as well. Uninterrupted transportation President Altepe emphasized that they undertake the landscaping and passage roads as the Metropolitan City, and said, “Uninterrupted transportation starts on the Istanbul road with Kent Square, Beşyol, Buttim and Panayır intersections. Özdilek Junction will be closed. "Those who want to come from the city center and return will not wait."
Stating that the cost of the works is 6 million lira, Recep Altepe stated that after the bridge and intersection works, the rail system called T2 system will operate on Yalova Road, and the rail system will start operating at the Intercity Bus Terminal requested by the citizens.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that they are planning to put the BUTTIM Yoncalı Junction, which will cost 6 million lira, into service within 3 months, and that within a year, traffic will flow on Istanbul Road without being stuck in uninterrupted lights. The Metropolitan Municipality, which allocates two thirds of the investment budget to transportation, aims to reduce the traffic density to a great extent with the works on Yalova Road.
Stating that they are continuing their efforts to make Bursa a livable city and an accessible city, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Yalova Road is the most important area of ​​Bursa in terms of traffic. A feverish work has started at this entrance.
"If the Ankara Road is equipped with intersections throughout and if the citizens are not attached to the traffic lights from Kestel to Görükle, we will carry out the same work on Yalova Road," he said.
Altitude of the intersection of this intersection, which expresses Altepe, said that they are in a feverish work with highways at the end.
Emphasizing that they have undertaken the landscaping and passageways as the municipality, Altepe said, “Uninterrupted transportation starts on the Istanbul road with the City Square, Beşyol, BUTTİM and Panayır intersections. Work has begun at the BUTTİM crossroad, the first leg of this.
Ozdilek Junction, where I have survived a few times, will be closed. Citizens who want to come back from the city center and return to this junction without any lamp will be able to return.
After completing these bridges and intersections respectively, the rail system will be brought to Yalova Road. "Our citizens will reach the bus station from the city center with the rail system."
Stating that Bursa traffic will be significantly relieved with the intersections to be built, Altepe gave the good news that the BUTTİM intersection, which costs more than 6 million, will be put into service within 3 months. Finally, Altepe stated that all traffic lights on Yalova Road will be removed within a year, together with the intersections to be built.

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