This metrobus stop is different from the others

This metrobus stop is different from others: there is no Vatan Durağı between Edirnekapı and Bayrampaşa metrobus stops. The end of pedestrian crossings for the stopover end with motorway barriers. Citizens who are unaware that the stop is not in use are at risk of death as they pass through the highway.

The metrobus stop at the junction of Topkapı Anıtmezar and Vatan Caddesi is not used. The stop, which is named as Vatan Station and later removed from the Metrobus line, is inactive. The pedestrian connection roads leading to the overpass built for the stop are also covered with highway barriers. Some citizens, unaware that the stop, which has not taken any security measures, is not working, try to pass the E-5 by taking the risk of death.

Citizens who come from Vatan Caddesi and want to use the metrobus go to Edienekapı or Bayrampaşa metrobus stops by bus or minibus. It is not known why this unused overpass and stop was built and why it was not used.

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