Bozlu Holding Establishes Wagon Factory

bozlu holding wagon factory
bozlu holding wagon factory

Şükrü Bozluolçay, Chairman of the Board of Bozlu Holding, announced that they will establish 20 million TL wagon production facility in Eskişehir. Total 40 facility will be established on a thousand square meter area.

An investment from the National Rail Systems Center of Excellence (URAYSİM), which Anadolu University will soon start investing in the Alpu district of Eskişehir, comes from Bozlu Holding. Solentek AS, which is a part of the Holding, will invest in the district for the production and maintenance of wagons.

Explaining that they plan to start the investment next year and two years in planning Bozlu Holding Chairman of the Board Sukru Bozluolcay, said they aimed to turn to railway vehicles and to specialize in this field. Stating that Solentek is still operating in Bursa in rail and steel processing areas, Bozluolçay stressed that they will expand their fields of activity with the investment they will make in Alpu.

Explaining that the investment will be a total of 20 million pounds Bozluolçay, 10 thousand square meters of indoor 40 thousand square meters will establish a production facility in the facility will provide 400 people, he said. Bozluolçay said that they will provide services to the European market as well as the domestic market and said, lu We plan to meet investment with our own equity. We will carry out the production of wagons and wagon maintenance processes with the latest technology in the world. Thousands of new wagons will be manufactured and 2 thousand 500 wagons will be renovated and repaired every year. Tamam

Designs wagons

Mr. Şükrü Bozluolçay stated that Solentek also realized the design of the wagons produced at the Bursa plant, and that they have done R & D works for the rail systems and that they have cooperated for this purpose. Bozluolçay said that they are still manufacturing factory platforms and railcar chassis to France.

Watching opportunities closely

Şükrü Bozluolçay stated that Bozlu Holding mainly operates in fields requiring advanced technology and deep knowledge in the health and industry sector and said, en While continuing to produce high value added products, we will continue our investments without slowing down. We follow the opportunities in domestic and foreign markets. Tı (WORLD)


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