Bombing bag bombs in Taksim affected nostalgic tram service (Video)

The panic bag bombs in Taksim affected the nostalgic tram route: the baggage forgotten by a tourist in Taksim Cumhuriyet Monument caused panic. Due to the suspicious bag, the area around the monument was emptied and closed with a strip. Tourists and citizens drew attention to do selfie.

The event occurred at the time of the 12.00 queues in the Republican Monument of Taksim. Citizens who saw a backpack that was left at the bottom of the monument and not taken for a long time suspected the situation and informed the police. The police teams on the notice, after examining the bag evacuated the area around the monument pulled. Then he informed the bomb squad teams. The suspect bag was stopped shortly due to the nostalgic tram. Two more tourists in the tram stopped in the lane, while another one rounded the tour around the monument. Tourists followed the event in the tram. Some local and foreign tourists outside the lane closed the mobile phones do not run out of self-care. After a while a person came to the field running. The person stopped by the police teams, the teams belonged to his bag, he said. Cops reacted to the situation, ç Why do you forget your purse. Go get your bag. Git The person learned that the tourist, the monument from the team came next to the bag. The person who confused his bag in police custody then left the scene.





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