Bolu Mountain Tunnel Cleaning


Cleaning in Bolu Mountain Tunnel: BOLU Mountain Tunnel was cleaned and cleaned at night, while asphalt road was cleaned from lamps to walls and dome.
Highways carries out cleaning work in Bolu Mountain Tunnel, which is one of the most important crossing points between Ankara and Istanbul. Last night at 23.00:100, the direction of Ankara was closed and the vehicles were directed from the Kaynaslı toll booths to the D-07.00 Highway Bolu Mountain pass. With the closure of the tunnel, the Highways teams started cleaning work. Inside the tunnel, the floors were washed and swept. A special construction machine was swept away from the walls and dome of the tunnel after water was caught on the walls of the tunnel. The lamps that illuminated the tunnel were cleaned by climbing to the place where the lamps were located with a crane. Cleaning work continued until 07.00:23.00 in the morning. At 07.00:100, the Ankara direction of the tunnel was reopened. The same work will be carried out in the direction of Istanbul between XNUMX and XNUMX tonight. Vehicles going in the direction of Istanbul will be directed from Abant toll booths to the D-XNUMX Highway.

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