16 in White Houses

16 in Beyazevler Years later Asphalt Joy: Adana Çukurova Municipality started asphalt work in Beyazevler district. Mayor Soner Cetin met with drum zurnayla in the neighborhood, stating grapefruit saplings in the pavement of Beyazevler'daki orange flower will smell, he said.
Beyazevler district, where Çukurova Municipality Road Directorate teams mobilized for asphalt, had a mini asphalt festival after the infrastructure works were completely completed. Mayor Soner Çetin, who examined the works, was greeted by the locals with a drum and zurn. Citizens thanked Mayor Çetin accompanied by Muhtar Cabbar İğde for the asphalt. Mayor Çetin stated that the asphalt work at the highway standards will be completed in a short time and that there will be road lines on all roads after complete drying. Çetin said, “After drawing the white road lines, Beyazevler will be more beautiful. It will be worth your wait. There will be no more jigsaw puzzles in this district. Because we started the asphalt after all infrastructure works were finished. he spoke.
Grapefruit saplings were planted during the asphalt tour in Beyazevler, where the roads were paved for the first time. President Soner Çetin, who planted saplings with Muhtar Cabbar İğde, said, “The smell of rain and orange blossom will intertwine on the pavements. We will equip some private streets in Çukurova with special saplings. Beyazevler will be the first. " said.

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