Gülnara Asphalt

Pre-Festival Gülnara Asphalt: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Gülnar sent a mobile pavilion and Gülnar bus station in front of the pavement.
Mersin Metropolitan Municipality free of charge by the public and veterinarians under the control of the healthy sacrifice Gülnar'ın Akdeniz Quarter Komatsu Street in the mobile pavilion established by Gülnar Bus Station in front of the Department of Science Affairs teams made hot asphalt work, Kurban Bayramı completed preparations before. Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz noted that they made the necessary works by evaluating the demands of the public in the city center and districts before the feast. Rama We conducted a hot asphalting work in front of Gülnar Otogar with the mobile pavilion we sent for Gülnar. How we add a different beauty to our house during the holidays, we saw all our towns, villages, neighborhoods as a home and we have completed the preparations for a feast. While it is not possible for us to reach all the districts at the same time, but we want our people to know that; even the remotest corner of Mersin will receive its share in the coming period. I congratulate all our people on the Feast of Sacrifice, I wish to be instrumental in the charity. Tüm

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