Battalgazi Municipality Asphalt and Road Works

Battalgazi Municipality Asphalt and Road Works: In Battalgazi Municipality, road paving, paving and asphalt works were carried out in various regions of the district.
Battalgazi Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, "Battalgazi'ımızı live, contemporary, modern city will be in efforts to make," he said. Battalgazi Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs in the Battalgazi district of Sütlü Minare Street as well as pavement works were carried out asphalt works. The street where Poyraz Konağı was located gained a modern look with the arrangement made. Within the scope of the studies, work was carried out to open the road in. District and in Neyzen Street in Şifa neighborhood, pavement and lock stone work was carried out. Mayor of Battalgazi Selahattin Gürkan, who examined the works on Sütlü Minare Street on site, stated that the works were going on in a fast way and said yerinde We do not stop but we continue. We do our plans and practices in the past periods, according to him we do business. As you can see, every place is in the construction site. On the one hand, the realization of the projects, on the one hand, service planning, asphalting, keystone, curb, pavement, landscaping and parking works are continuing in the service phase. We said that we will prepare the Battalgazi for its history. As you can see, the Battalgazi is sparkling. It is a district where we cannot get enough of a spiritual pleasure.
Within this frame, we carry out the necessary works together with the Directorate of Science Affairs on the exterior wall covering of the buildings, asphalting and paving works of the roads in the section where the Poyraz Mansion is located, the roads and pavement works in Çöşnük and Sıtmapınarı. We will be in efforts to make our Battalgazi a contemporary, modern city. Olac



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