Başakşehir city plan project 2017's traffic will be the most comfortable

Başakşehir city plan project xnumx'n the traffic will be most comfortable in: Turkey's large-scale urban planning projects, Istanbul begins in Başakşehir. to begin construction by the end of the year 2017 planned Turkey's first planned town square, Taksim Square, with 2014 thousand square meters will have doubled in size. Projects with public institutions in Basaksehir and 60 thousand square meters in botanical park, 368 specialized hastanel of Europe's largest medical complex, tens of thousands of parking spaces, convention and exhibition centers, activity and sports fields, metro, tram and IETT stops in Turkey will take place in the city square.

www.basaksehiryenimerkez.orgAccording to information from the site of Istanbul's Esenyurt is one of the safest and most green district, is set to become Turkey's first planned city square with huge investment. 60 is planned to be laid on 2014 by the end of 368. The infrastructure is planned to be the first in the sense of European style town square in Turkey's superstructure and social reinforcement project, is situated adjacent to the botanical park and the 9 3 thousand square meters giant specialty hospitals. XNUMX. will take place on Bridge Access Road, the first town square Turkey, cafes, restaurants, social activity areas, sports facilities and convention and exhibition center, metro, tram, IETT stop, it has been designed to respond to every need with tens of thousands of cars a giant parking lot .

2017's most comfortable traffic

Başakşehir, which is one of the most valued districts of Istanbul with the Sular Valley, Ikitelli Integrated Health Campus and private sector investments, is preparing to attract attention with its new city square. Atatürk Airport and the ongoing 8. The new center, located in the middle of the airport, is the 3, which is planned to be completed in 2015. It's on the connection route of the Ring Road. 3. With the completion of the connection roads and transportation infrastructure, a vehicle that will depart from the new center of Başakşehir is expected to reach the Anatolian Side in 3 minutes.

Public transport in the new center

Turkey's first town square in transport with public transport will be one of the easiest region. Metro, tram and IETT stops will provide direct access to the square. In the square, all public transport stations will be accessible in maximum 300 steps. A person departing from the new city center by public transport can easily pass to any point of Istanbul.

Official institutions are moving to the new square

The new center of Başakşehir will also host official institutions in the district. 2 60 will take place in the new square planned to be completed within the year and with its architectures, 5000 will be in total integrity with a thousand square meter square. The official buildings to be built with Seljuk architecture will increase the appeal of the square. The new city center will also be home to a monumental mosque that will be built in accordance with the architecture of the square. The mosque, which will carry examples of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture, will allow 4 to worship at the same time. XNUMX minaret, the mosque will be built in the selatin architecture is planned to be put into service with the square.

Experts warn!

in terms of Turkey's first town square it is preparing to set an example. Pointing out that the planning of the 1.2 million city to be established in Istanbul is made according to the environment of the square, real estate appraisal experts point out that there will be a serious price increase in the region upon the completion of the project. Previously experts stating that no district planned to be built around a square founded in Turkey, mentions that the project as it stands in Turkey is the most large-scale urban planning that took place so far.

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