Asphalt Works from Bitlis Municipality

Asphalt Works from Bitlis Municipality: Bitlis Municipality has been asphalted by the streets and streets that are damaged due to infrastructure works.
Mayor Hüseyin Olan, said in a statement to the journalists, the deterioration of roads repair work continued throughout the city, he said.
Stating that the asphalting works are continuing rapidly in order for the people to live in a comfortable environment and to live in a peaceful environment, Mr. Olan said, “We continue the asphalt works within the schedule determined according to the urgency order. We aim to end the problems in all problematic regions with hot asphalt works. We did asphalt work on Şeyh Hasan Sokak in Yükseliş neighborhood, on the sides of the middle median in Hüsrevpaşa District and hot asphalt work in Hersan District. Our work will continue to increase, ”he said.

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