Asphalt Training from İsfalt to Obb Staff

Asphalt Training from İsfalt to Obb Personnel: Technical personnel of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality (OBB) Transportation Department, İstanbul Asphalt Factories (İSFALT) A.Ş. was taken to training by.
Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation has passed technical training for asphalt production techniques and quality asphalt applications. Istanbul, Turkey's leading organizations Asphalt Plants (İSFALT) Inc. , asphalt production, asphalt quality and control, as well as experiments and asphalt applications, training programs were organized in Istanbul.
Technical staff of the Department of Transportation Department of the Department of Research and Exploration Project Director Taner Şendere, Civil Engineer Yalçın Dumlu, Civil Engineer Arif Gürsoy, Civil Engineer Caner Demireğen, Civil Engineer Oguz Altunsoy, Construction Technician Zeki Mut, Engineer Gökhan Uzunlar And Geological Engineer Çağrı Yücel She attended.
Within the scope of the training organized by İSFALT Technical Training Department, A'dan Z was given information about asphalt applications, production of quality asphalt and business processes by expert technical team. In the seminar, the details of asphalt were explained from the material to the production and application, from R & D to the design and laboratory processes.
In the training program, the factories that produce asphalt materials were visited and various plant installations and asphalt production were carried out. Due to the heavy traffic in the city of Istanbul in the night work; new crack repair methods, bituminous foundation, binder and wear layer laying work were also included in the training program.
The training provided by İSFALT resulted in the production of quality asphalt, solutions to the problems encountered in road applications, economic solutions to the deteriorations on the roads, extension of the life span of the road, implementation of roads that provide comfort for navigation.

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