Armutlu Road Will Be In 2016

📩 21/12/2018 17:52

Armutlu Road will be in 2016 Year: Highways 14. Deputy Regional Director Mehmet Yazicioglu, Yalova-Armutlu highway will end completely in the middle of 2016 said.
Yazicioglu, Yalova and the town of Armutlu connecting the road on an ethics that continues to work, he said. Yazicioglu said that a large part of the 45 kilometer was completed,-Gemlik-Armutlu-Cinarcik-Yalova road is a total length of 45 kilometers. We've finished the 34 mile of the road. We were going to finish the remaining 11 kilometer last year, but the land is very steep in the 7 kilometer section of Esenköy. Here we crossed the tunnel with the new project. Our 6 tunnel will be 5 bin 900 meters long. We have 4 units. Its length is also 545 meters. At the moment, our work continues in the tunnels and at the university junction. Şu
Yazıcıoğlu, adding that the works in the region continues, ğ There are studies in the tunnels as of now. 500 meters long at the moment we've drilled. The reasonable end of this is in the middle of the 2016. Tunnel work brings us to this period, T he said.

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