1 in Germany. Class Train Ride

📩 30/11/2018 17:58

1 in Germany. Class Train Ride: German rail company Deutsche Bahn announced a first-class train ride ticket price hike from next December.

German railway company Deutsche Bahn has announced that first-class train ticket prices will increase from next December. Accordingly, 1st class ticket fares saw a 2.9 percent increase.

In the statement made by Deutsche Bahn, it was stated that there was no increase in second-class passenger fares, whereas the regional transportation ticket prices, which are described as long distance, were increased by 1.9 percent. It was stated that the new prices will be applied as of December 14, 2014.

While it was stated that those who travel in the first class can benefit from the free internet service, it is planned that this service will also be provided to those traveling in the second class as of 2016. It was stated that the German railway company competed with bus companies, which lost a part of its passenger share, so the raise rate was kept low.


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