50 hourly strike on railways in Germany (Video)

50 hour strike in Germany railways: The German Train Mechanic Union (GDL) went on a general strike for the second time in a week.

German Railways With Deutsche Bahn, employees with disagreements over wage growth and working hours have also rejected the company's last-minute offer, making the country's rail network inoperable.

The annuled flights were only annoyed by the 12 hours before the internet and the autumn break was due to the busy days:

“I have to go to Langeoog, but I can't go. I have to wait two days. İki

"This is not good. Especially not too long before the weekend. I come from Cologne and I have to go to Duisburg and then I will return to Frankfurt. Now this is impossible. I will try to go to Frankfurt as soon as possible. Frankfurt

“I'm happy now. My train will be lifted in its normal time. Tren

While all the staff members of the strike include the GDL member mechanic, manager, restaurant employee, instructor and other staff, there are not many freight train expeditions.

Among the GDL's demands, the weekly working hours are reduced by two hours to 37 hours, as well as a wage increase of 5.

The strike will last for 50 hours and end on Monday morning at 04: 00.


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