Additional Railcar for Trains Due to Feast Density

Additional Wagon due to Feast Density: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan stated that additional wagons will be added to trains for the citizens to experience grievances during the holidays, while 296 additional flights are planned in the airlines.

Minister Elvan, ASELSAN answered questions from journalists after his visit. On the question of the measures taken for the Feast of Sacrifice, Minister Elvan said that first of all, citizens celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice.

Elvan Feast, the first and last days of the feast of traffic during the first and last days of expressing Elvan, traffic accidents have increased in these days, he noted. Elvan pointed out that half of the accidents were caused by the rapid driving, and asked the drivers to take care of their vehicle before they set off, to get information about the road works on their route and to pay attention to the traffic signs and pins.

Elvan, who will travel long with their vehicles, should always stop after every hour of 2 driving. Elvan stated the feast measures taken by the related units of his ministry as follows:

"Our General Directorate of Highways (KGM), the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate and airline companies are measures taken thus our feast. KGM teams will be at the service of our citizens for 24 hours during the feast. During the festival they will take a break from road construction. If there is no emergency, there will be no maintenance.

A section of the off-road drives will be guided by appropriate plates. In such places we often face an accident. I think our drivers should be more careful in these places. Our teams will review the traffic signs, invisible, if there are destroyed plates will be replaced by new ones. Before departing, our drivers must get information from our route advice lines. All information is available on the Alo 159 line or on the KGM website. Again, it is possible to obtain any information about the road condition from the '032 415 88 00' or '0312 425 47 12'. The most convenient alternative route information can be reached from where you want to reach from our Ministry and the website of KGM. Bak

  • YHT tickets for the first and last day of the festival

Elvan, the railways on the 15 day of sale tickets on the day before the excursion and high-speed train lines arefe, the first and last day of the holiday sold tickets, he said. Elvan added that an additional wagon will be added to İzmir Blue Train, East Express, 4 September Blue Train, South Express, Çukurova Express, Konya Blue Trains during the festival, and said Ç The problems of locating our citizens will be eliminated. TCDD will show the necessary sensitivity during the festival. Bu

Expressing that there is a great interest in YHT lines, Elvan said, Esk Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-İstanbul lines are very busy. Since 2009, our 16,5 million citizens have used YHT. 10 million 820 thousand of this 4 million 927 in Ankara-Eskişehir line, 400 bini Ankara-Konya line, 400 bini Ankara-Istanbul line, approximately 38 bini Konya-Eskisehir line traveled. Although recently opened, the total 531 million passengers in Marmaray XNUMX moved ına he said

  • 296 additional voyages are scheduled for airlines

Minister Elvan, the airport companies and the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) said the necessary measures taken. 2 8 2014 296 24 annexed to a total of scheduled scheduled flights to Elvan, DHMI will also serve during the 39 hours during the holiday, he said. Elvan, the XNUMX additional flights to Turkish Airlines during the holidays, adding that if necessary, additional flights can be arranged.

On the other hand, with the decision of the Council of Ministers, during the holiday season will provide free services of bridges and highways.

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